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*Legal Terms and Conditions*

* You are responsible for all property for the duration of your picnic. If theft occurs, please contact the local authorities and file a police report immediately. Please contact your Picnique315 stylist at 315 868-1552 after contacting the local authorities.

* You are not permitted to abandon the property/belongings during your scheduled Picnique315. If you would like to leave your event early please notify your Picnique315 stylist at least 30 minutes in advance at 315 868-1552. 

* All items included in your rental are property of Picnique315 unless otherwise stated on the invoice. 

* We understand that spills and accidents can occur. If items are damaged or stained beyond normal use, the Client is responsible for the full repair or replacement of the item(s). 

* Picnique315 accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained during your Picnique event.

* A 50% non-refundable deposit fee is required to hold your picnic date. Picnique315 does not provide refunds of any kind.

* It is the responsibility of the client to check and adhere to all laws pertaining to alcohol consumption at your Picnique315 location. Picnique315 accepts no responsibility for any penalties that may occur due to alcohol consumption. 

* Full payment is due 30 days prior to your Picnique315. We reserve the right to cancel your event if payment is not made in full 30 days before your event.

*Any change of date requests must be made in writing 72 hours prior to your picnic date and time. We will work with you if you need to reschedule, based on our availability. You may reschedule only once. Your rescheduled date must be within three months of your original Picnique date.

*Any perishable Add-On items you purchased with your Picnique package cannot be returned/rescheduled and must still be picked up on your original date. ​

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